Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Can't Die

What would that do to the add-on sales and the movies yet to come out. Within 24 hours after the book is released (and possibly before that) everyone will know if Harry Potter is dead. I will return my pre-ordered book if he does. I agree with Professor Ray:

The books were about Harry's development into a young man, Professor Ray said. "I think it would be very unusual for a book like this to kill off the main character at a time when he's about to graduate from school.

"For Rowling to have put Harry Potter through all seven volumes just to kill him off, the point of all development would be wasted," he said. "Death strikes me as being the strangest ending of all."

Only tregedies end with the death of the hero and for all it's darkness, Rowling has been writing comedy for all these years so it would seem self-indulgent for her to change so radically at the end.


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