Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Online Gambling is More Efficient

If you like to gamble then online gambling is a better deal than your local bookie or travelling to a sportsbook. There is no doubt that the odds would likely end up better in online venues. So why did Congress ban online gambling in Fall, 2006. Hypocrisy may be the tribute vice pays to virtue, but Congresscritters take their tribute in campaign contributions from the domestic gambling industry. Well, the WTO's not too thrilled with the uneven playing field vis-a-vis domestic and international operators so the US lost in a case brought against it by Antigua and Barbados. Congress is going to probably come up with some kind of compromise, but this is a proverbial rock and hard place issue because I cannot imagine them loosening the rules on Internet gambling nor putting existing domestic off-track horse race operations out of business. If I had to guess, I would say they will loosen the rules, but trying to make it so difficult and limited as to make it unprofitable.


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